As a real estate investor myself, I understand the complexity of the decision making process. It’s conventional for Investors to get overwhelmed with the number of options they have to choose from, and often time they rely solely on the agent’s believes and emotions to make a decision. Unfortunately, the real estate market doesn’t operate on emotions – which is why I’m closing that gap and reimagine real estate investing. I’ve tied my real estate experience and financial background to simplify the process. By utilizing market data, valuations, financial projections, and align them with your goals and objective – we will work together to build a real estate portfolio that best suits you.

Strategy planning

To best serve you and act in your best interest, I have tied my academic background to envision real estate investing from a unique perspective.


All investment opportunities are backed by external marketing research, extensive financial projections, and cashflow analysis.


Whether you’re a first timer, or an experienced investor – looking for short-term or long-term gain, we’ll build a personal strategy based on you risk tolerance.


Timing is of the essence when it comes to real estate – which is why an open channel of communication is crucial. You can call me 24/7 – literally.


Adequately structuring your investment and understanding the tax implications of different alternatives will drive better decision making and enhance your planning.


Finding investment opportunities is easy, identifying passable ones is the challenge. To mitigate this, I bring forth off-market properties as well.


Through various partnerships, I’m able to assist in leasing, maintaining, and managing investment properties after closing.

Investment Opportunities

Pre-Construction Developments

Exclusive early access to pre-development projects around the GTA will make a significant impact on the appreciated value of your new investment.

Downtown Core

Toronto is becoming a business & technology hub in North America - as well as a hotspot for immigrant. Both factors driving up appreciation rapidly in the city.

Student Rentals

Investing in student housing is the simplest, and most steady source of rental income. Capitalize on the growing housing demand driven by international and local students. 

Rural Areas

As immigration to the GTA continues, the demand for family houses across cities will continue to increase.